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If you're looking for comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use statistical software, Stata offers the perfect solution. Cross-platform compatible and trusted by thousands of data science experts across the globe, Stata is the go-to platform for all your data analysis needs. Purchase a licence from us at SDAS and start getting insight into your data today.

What is Stata?

Stata is an affordable and powerful statistical data management tool designed to help researchers and academics visualise, interpret, understand, and manage their data. It is widely used across many industries, including economics, epidemiology, political science, and more. Stata contains robust statistical analysis software that allows users to do everything from producing sophisticated graphics to custom programming and simulations.

Stata's intuitive interface means that it is easy for all level users to learn — from students grappling with data analysis for the first time to statistical experts looking to deepen their research and hone their skills. Whether for simple calculations or large-scale, complex data modelling, Stata is a reliable and comprehensive tool for professionals demanding precise and efficient data analysis.

Stata Use Cases

Stata is more than a place to store your data. What started as a simple regression package in 1985 has become a powerhouse software used by individuals and businesses worldwide. Here are just some of the ways users are implementing Stata into their everyday operations:

  • Data Management

    Many use Stata to house and organise large datasets, making them more coherent for further research and analysis.

  • Statistical Analysis

    Researchers and statisticians rely on Stata to conduct a vast array of statistical tests, both basic and complex.

  • Econometrics

    Economists and financial professionals use Stata to model economic data and trends over time.

  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology

    Stata's survival analysis feature and observational tools give medical professionals valuable insights into areas such as disease prevalence and mortality rates.

  • Political Science Research

    Analysts use Stata to study political trends, voting outcomes, and the impacts of public policy.

  • Sociological Research

    Sociologists trust Stata to analyse survey data to study behaviour, attitudes, and complex social patterns.

  • Education Research

    Educational researchers use Stata software to evaluate test scores, measure training outcomes, and track academic progress over time.

  • Market Research

    Extending beyond the science field, many businesses use Stata to help them understand consumer behaviour and market trends.

  • Psychometrics

    Many experts use Stata statistical software to develop and assess psychological tests based on given datasets.

  • Finance and Investment Analysis

    Stata is widely used in the finance sector. Professionals use it to analyse stock markets, identify financial risks, and outline investment strategies.

  • Quality Assurance

    Through statistical process control and other quality management tactics, various industries trust Stata to monitor product quality and workplace processes.

Key Features

Stata isn't like other statistical software programs that can't quite tackle all of the things you need them to do. Instead, Stata provides a single application that allows users to manipulate, explore, visualise, report, and reproduce all of their data seamlessly. Its key features include:

Statistical Models

  • Linear models
  • Multilevel mixed-effects models
  • Generalised linear models (GLMs)
  • Extended regression models (ERMs)
  • Panel/longitudinal data
  • Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models
  • Binary, count, and limited outcomes
  • Choice models
  • Finite mixture models (FMMs)
  • Spatial autoregressive models
  • Structural equation modelling (SEM)
  • Latent class analysis

Data Analysis Techniques

  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)/Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)
  • Resampling and simulation methods
  • Multivariate methods
  • Cluster analysis
  • Network analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Survival analysis
  • Bayesian analysis
  • Bayesian model averaging
  • Meta-analysis
  • Survey methods
  • Item response theory (IRT)
  • Data manipulation

Statistical Testing and Estimation

  • Exact statistics
  • Tests, predictions, and effects
  • Contrasts, pairwise comparisons, and margins
  • Power, precision, and sample size calculation
  • Causal inference/Treatment effects
  • Lasso regression
  • Multiple imputation

Graphical and Computational Tools

  • Reporting and graphics
  • Programming features
  • Mata—Stata’s more advanced programming language
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Internet capabilities
  • Community-contributed features
  • Embedded statistical computations


  • Nonparametric methods
  • Nonlinear regression
  • General method of moments (GMM) and other systems of equations
  • Simple and programmable maximum likelihood
  • Other statistical methods

Software and Compliance

  • Documentation
  • Basic statistics
  • Numerics by Stata
  • Installation Qualification for Stata
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance
  • Accessibility features

A Statistical Analysis Software That Makes Life Easy

When looking to buy Stata online, it's important to invest in a version that's right for you. Each edition contains the same powerful features, but they vary depending on your needs.

  1. Robust Data Management

    Easily convert raw data into valuable insights.

  2. Intuitive User Interface

    Stata is user-friendly, making its features easy to use and navigation a breeze.

  3. Comprehensive Statistical Tools

    From basic summaries to advanced econometric techniques, Stata offers diverse data analysis solutions.

  4. Reproducibility and Documentation

    Record and replicate analyses for transparency, consistency, and split-testing.

  5. Regular Updates and Cross-Platform Compatibility

    Stata is optimised for Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix devices and undergoes regular updates to meet industry standards and consumer demand.

Who Benefits From Stata?


Stata's intuitive interface and an array of integrated tools for data management, statistical analysis, and graphical representation empower students to perform intricate data manipulation and develop a solid foundation in statistical methods.



Stata/MP (2-core)


Meet rigorous study demands with an Academic package. Orchestrate collaborative research assessments or pursue groundbreaking research with Stata's powerful analytical tools.



Stata/MP (2-core)


Make data-driven decisions, produce detailed analyses, conduct risk assessments, and churn through complex datasets to identify actionable insights and valuable trends.


Stata/MP 2-core

Stata/MP (4-core)

Government Agencies and Affiliations

Utilise Stata to analyse socioeconomic data, health statistics, and a multitude of other data sets to make important decisions grounded in empirical evidence.


Stata/MP 2-core

Stata/MP (4-core)


Leverage Stata data analysis and statistical software for monitoring and evaluation. Craft evidence-based policies, measure outcomes, and showcase your work's impact.


Stata/MP 2-core

Stata/MP (4-core)

Choosing the Right Stata Software For You

When looking to buy Stata online, it's important to invest in a version that's right for you. Each edition contains the same powerful features, but they vary depending on your needs.


Designed for mid-sized datasets, Stata/BE accommodates up to 2,048 independent variables and handles datasets with up to 2 billion observations.


Compatible with single-core and multi-core computers, Stata/SE can process datasets with up to 10,998 variables and handle up to 2 billion observations.


The largest and fastest version, Stata/MP accommodates up to 120,000 variables and 20 billion observations. It achieves a 40% speed increase on dual-core processors and delivers a significant 72% performance boost for lengthy estimation commands.

Buy Stata in Australia From SDAS

At SDAS, we’re the proud home of Stata in Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Reputable distributors of this incredible software, we provide researchers and analysts with advanced tools to help them understand their data.

We understand that buying and using a new program can be quite an overwhelming experience, especially for those new to the data science industry. That’s why we promise to be there with you every step of the way. From choosing the right Stata edition for your needs to running free webinars and offering world-class technical support, our team is there to help.

We provide access to comprehensive Stata NetCourses, where leading Stata experts share their knowledge and showcase to students the absolute powerhouse that is Stata’s statistical software. Whatever discipline you’re from, whether that be in education, data science, or medical research, you can rely on us to help seamlessly integrate Stata into your operations. Purchase your software licence today, or alternatively, speak with one of our representatives to find the right Stata solution for you.