Which Stata is right for me, my computer and my research?

Whether you’re a student or a seasoned research professional, there is a Stata edition designed to suit your needs:

  • Stata/MP: The fastest edition of Stata (for dual-core, quad-core, and multi-core/multi-processor computers) that can analyse the most data.  It is available for 2-core, 4-core, 6-core, 8-core, 10-core, 12-core, 16-core, 24-core, 32-core and 64-core computers.

  • Stata/SE: Stata for large datasets

  • Stata/IC: Stata for mid-sized datasets

Stata/MP is the fastest and largest edition of Stata. Most current computers can take advantage of the advanced multiprocessing of Stata/MP. This includes the Intel i3, i5, i7, i9, Xeon, and Celeron, and AMD multi-core chips. On dual-core chips, Stata/MP runs 40% faster overall and 72% faster where it matters, on the time-consuming estimation commands. With more than two cores or processors, Stata/MP is even faster.

Stata/MP, Stata/SE, and Stata/IC run on any computer with supported operating systems, but Stata/MP runs faster. You can purchase a Stata/MP licence for up to the number of cores on your machine (maximum is 64). For example, if your machine has eight cores, you can purchase a Stata/MP licence for eight cores, four cores, or two cores.


Stata/MP can also analyse more data than any other edition of Stata. Stata/MP can analyse 10 to 20 billion observations given the current largest computers, and is ready to analyse up to 1 trillion observations once computer hardware catches up.


Stata/SE and Stata/IC differ only in the dataset size that each can analyse.  They have the same statistical tools, data management and graphics abilities. Stata/SE and Stata/MP can fit models with more independent variables than Stata/IC (up to 10,998). Stata/SE can analyse up to 2 billion observations.


Stata/IC allows datasets with as many as 2,048 variables and 2 billion observations. Stata/IC can have at most 798 independent variables in a model.

All the above Stata editions have the same complete set of features and include PDF documentation.

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