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SDAS New Zealand (SDAS) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers (existing and prospective), our employees, and our suppliers. For this reason SDAS has developed a privacy policy compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles as per the Australian Privacy Act 1988, amended and in force 21 October 2016. This policy is updated periodically and was most recently updated on 14 March 2018.

The Australian Privacy Principles define personal information as:

“Information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can be reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.” Privacy Act 1988 (cth) Section 6.

The information that SDAS collects

Depending on your interaction with SDAS we collect different information. The types of information that we collect relates to the different people and organisations with whom we interact. The people and the information we may collect is summarised in the following table:

Customer (existing and prospective)

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Your physical address

  • Your postal address

  • Your phone number(s)

  • The university at which you are studying (if applicable)

  • The course of study you are undertaking (if applicable)

  • The entity for whom you work (if applicable)

  • Your credit card number, expiry date and CVC. Please note that we do not store or record your credit card number.

Suppliers (existing and prospective)

  • Your name

  • Your company email address

  • Your company physical address

  • Your company postal address

  • Your work phone number

  • The company for whom you work

How we collect this information

We collect information using a range of methods depending on your interaction with SDAS. The most common methods of information collection include:

  • Direct transfer from the individual through our website, over the phone, over email, through application forms, or from SDAS social media platforms. Examples include placing an order for one of our products through our website, connecting with SDAS on facebook, or providing your contact details directly through a person to person meeting such as a meeting at a conference.

  • Third party sourcing, where our affiliated/related companies provide us with information collected under their privacy policy terms. Examples include lists provided by conference organisers that have provided contact details under their agreement with us and with the explicit permission of the conference participants.

  • External sourcing through publicly available websites, publications and other sources. For example publicly available information such as; university / company websites that list individuals and their contact details; or social media websites where information is made available publicly or through a connection to SDAS.

  • Website tracking information relating to our company website, where a visitor’s movement and selections within the website are monitored. For example SDAS uses Google Analytics to understand how users engage with us via our website and for the purpose of marketing.

This list provides a detailed account of the most commonly used methods of information collection, however, it is not completely exhaustive. While we usually collect information directly from customers, we also utilise public documents, agents and service providers to source information.

Information collection via SDAS online sites and applications

Website information collection

SDAS collects non-personal information regarding the use of our web pages. The information collected includes the time of visit and the areas of our website to which the user navigates. This information is collected for the purpose of optimising our website for customers and improving upon our existing web pages. IP addresses may also be collected from visitors to SDAS web pages, which contain the unique identification information for the web page visitor’s particular device. The main purposes of such collection are for the prevention of fraud and security breaches.

Web page analytics

SDAS has engaged Google Inc to provide website browsing analytics. This website analytics service includes the use of tracking cookies. SDAS does not collect personal information through this outsourced service. Where you have registered with Google they may use information that you have provided to them to allow SDAS to market SDAS products and services to you through the use of cookies to display advertisements.


Cookies are also utilized to monitor the preferences of our customers when using the SDAS web pages. A cookie is stored on the web page user’s computer or browser. It contains data regarding your use of the SDAS web pages. Any personal information of the web page user that is stored in the cookie will be treated as per “How we use this information and why we collect it” (see below). Please note that users can disable cookies on their device to block the collection of information, however there may be limitations to web page functionality in this case.

Google Advertising

SDAS conducts Google search ads and Google remarketing ads. With the assistance of Google Cookies and tracking Google tracks visits to our website and completion of certain events. SDAS then uses Google remarketing advertisements to advertise to people who have previously performed tracked actions on our website. If you would prefer not to see Google Adwords and Google Remarketing advertisements you can adjust your Google settings through Google Chrome Ad Seetings, and other means. You can also avoid receiving Google Adwords and Google Remarketing by implementing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on available from

TeamViewer support application

SDAS offers technical support services to customers which involves telephone calls and video calls in addition to TeamViewer remote desktop control. The TeamViewer application allows SDAS to remotely access and control a customer’s computer when the customer is seeking technical support, and the customer has agreed to allowing a TeamViewer support session from SDAS.

A TeamViewer support session will only be conducted with the customer’s agreement via email or telephone. Prior to the session SDAS will warn the customer to close any open computer programs, application or screens that they do not wish the SDAS operator to see.

SDAS and the software user will connect via the TeamViewer remote login and, upon the software user providing the SDAS operator with their access ID and password, SDAS will temporarily take control of the customer’s workstation. The SDAS operator will then provide technical support services relating to software installation, activation and simple functionality assistance as per the needs of the user. Once the SDAS operator has provided technical support services, the TeamViewer session will be ended and access to the software user’s workstation will cease to be available. The customer can close the TeamViewer session at any time.

No personal information is collected throughout this process. TeamViewer is simply used for remote-access, one-time technical support services. Please contact SDAS if you would like further information about technical support sessions and your privacy in this context.

Storing your information

SDAS uses computer technology to store the information you provide to us. The information is centrally stored in a database on password-protected computers. Due to the means by which orders are received, some information may reside in an unstructured format in emails, scanned images, or on paper. SDAS may choose to use cloud-based customer relationship management software. As part of choosing any such software SDAS will seek statements from the providers of cloud-based solutions that other entities cannot access the information stored in the software and databases. SDAS cannot warrant that the computer hardware provided by the cloud provider is based in Australia and as such could be subject to other privacy laws.

We do not store credit card information. We process any credit card transactions immediately via a secure, online banking system, which does not store credit card information.

How we use this information and why we collect it

For customers

We require customer information to process customer orders and fulfill sales transactions. This includes registering the customer, where applicable, as a user of: Stata with StataCorp LC (developers of Stata) a US Company registered in College Station, TX, USA; Stat/Transfer with Circle Systems (developers of Stat/Transfer) a US Company registered in Seattle, WA, USA; WordStat, QDA Miner and/or SimStat with Provalis Research Corp (developers of WordStat, QDA Miner and SimStat) a Canadian Company registered in Montreal, QC, Canada and Arbutus with Arbutus Software Inc. a Canadian Company registered in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada. The companies StataCorp LC, Circle Systems, Provalis Research Corp and Arbutus Software Inc. collectively stand as related companies to SDAS.

The related companies to SDAS will use the information disclosed to them by SDAS in accordance with their privacy policies. The related companies may use this information to contact customers regarding their goods and services and this may continue past the point at which the transaction between SDAS and the customer ends. If you require further information on the privacy policies of related companies, please contact SDAS as per the contact details provided below.

We collect this information to make records of the sales of software, training, books, and related products which we sell. We use this information to improve the services that we provide. This may include calling you after a sale to confirm that you have successfully installed the software, received the books and/or to gather feedback on the training that you attended. We may include you in a mailing list to advise you of new releases of Stata, Stat/Transfer, Provalis Research or Arbutus products; or to send you other marketing material related to these products.

SDAS will not sell your information. SDAS will not share your information with other entities, unless you have provided your written consent to share your information. By ordering goods or services you explicitly grant SDAS the authority to share relevant personal information with: StataCorp in order to process your purchase of Stata software, training, books or journals; Circle Systems in order to process your purchase of Stat/Transfer software; Provalis Research Corp in order to process your purchase of WordStat, QDA Miner or SimStat software; and Arbutus Software Inc. in order to process your purchase of Arbutus software; or any of these entities on other related goods or services.

For suppliers

We need the information in order to pay you and to manage our relationship with you.

Disclosure of information

The disclosure of personal information to other entities will only occur if the entity is assisting in the provision of goods and services purchased from SDAS. SDAS has agreements with such entities to ensure the confidentiality of your information is protected.

The entities this pertains to, both domestic and international, may carry out functions for SDAS in the provision of goods and services including, but not limited to:

  • debt recovery

  • advertising

  • marketing and other sales related promotional services

  • market research

  • information technology

  • technical support

  • customer service

  • mailing and billing

  • data analytics

SDAS additionally discloses information to its related companies, as per the “How we use this information and why we collect it” section (see above).

Disclosure of information to overseas recipients

SDAS discloses information to overseas recipients. This is completed as per the “How we use this information and why we collect it” section (see above) detailing the information disclosure completed in the registration process of software users. The countries where these disclosures occur are the United Statas of America and Canada

The countries listed are not exhaustive, where SDAS may additionally disclose information to overseas recipients in the course of disclosure to entities listed in the “Disclosure of information” section. When this occurs, and international disclosure extends outside of the listed countries, we will endeavour to update this section to reflect the most current information.

How can I access the information you have collected on me and can I change it if I believe it to be incorrect?

If you would like to access the information SDAS has collected on you please email If you believe for any reason that the information that we hold about you is incorrect you can email our Privacy Officer at

How to make a complaint

If you believe that SDAS or an employee of SDAS has breached your privacy through disclosure of private information then you should immediately contact our privacy officer at You must inform us of your name, your complaint, describe the breach that you believe to have occurred, and the actions that you believe can be taken to remediate the breach of your privacy. Our Privacy Officer will record your complaint and then manage the incident to address your concern and work with you to remediate the breach.

If you are not satisfied with the way in which SDAS handles the incident you can seek arbitration of the complaint and as a last option refer the complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Can I request not to be contacted?

Yes. Please inform us if you do not wish to be contacted. We will retain your relevant information in our databases and include your preference to not be contacted for marketing or other purposes.

Our newsletter offers the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time, after which you will no longer receive newsletters from SDAS.

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